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Ron Hesketh, 1927 - 2002

Ron Hesketh

I first met Ron Hesketh in September 2000, although I had known of Ron as a breeder of budgerigars for many years I really did not know him personally. My wife and I moved house in1999 and we went to live in the same village as Ron this was when I really got to know him and I realised very quickly that we were going to get on very well.
Ron was an unassuming , intelligent man, with a quietly spoken quick wit he was always a top scholar at school and really should have continued his education but the truth is it was not an option in those times so he was required to go out to work to help with the family purse,something he would always lament.However it was something you had no control over in those days.Nevertheless Ron made a great success of owning and running his own vehicle repair business.
His willingness to help people was well known ,and many people benifited from his help and wise advice,helping them to build there birdrooms and aviaries,and supplying them with quality birds.
Ron was a great clubman for the local societies and  built a trailer that was to carry the staging for the local societies,which has proved to be a great saving for the clubs.His great love was for his village cage bird society were he always felt at home showing his birds.
Even so Rons birds won many Challenge  Certificates at Championship shows  winning Best in Show at Blackpool 2001 with an entry of over 1800 birds.
In October of 2000  Ron suffered a stroke and was rushed into hospital,slowly he began to make a recovery and with help from the members of the local budgerigar societies and his wife Joyce, his birds came to no harm.
I went round to Rons house after he was discharged from hospital and  asked him what he was going to do  with his birds, he was quite sure that he wanted to carry on breeding and showing . His wife Joyce, and family beleived it was the best thing to do as they thought  it might help with his recovery so I offered to help.Ron continued with his birds for another one and a half years but he suffered a relapse in August 2002 from which he was not to recover.
The budgerigar fancy has lost a great friend and member not least to myself who felt I had been robbed of a friend I did not know for long enough.
The sympathies of the Budgerigar fancy go out to his wife and family.


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